A full day of entertainment, Universal Studios Singapore

Singapore is a city-state with architecture impressing the imagination, a unique economy and a highly developed culture and one of our most favorite places.

We got here, thanks to the sale of tickets which was arranged by  AirAsia. We arrived from Bangkok and stopped on the way to Malaysia.

In Singapore there are a lot of entertainments; everyone can find something they like. One way allows you to have a great day in Singapore on the Island of Sentosa is written here.

Program for the day:

  • Breakfast in the shopping center Vivo City;
  • Visiting the amusement park Universal Studios Singapore.

You can finish your day by watching one of the shows that are held on the island, for example, the show Wings of Time. We will devote a separate post for Singapore night shows.

Breakfast in the shopping center Vivo City

If you go to Sentosa using the subway (take North-East line or Circle line to HarbourFront station), then you have an opportunity to have breakfast at Vivo City, it’s on the way.  Not all cafes are open in the morning but there is a choice. Mostly Asian dishes are presented here but we could easily find non-fried rice with chicken and broth or a kind of tortillas with hearty filling for breakfast. Prices for dishes start from $4.50 SGD

In the same shopping center at level 3, Sentosa Express departs. Take it and go to the 1st stop later at Waterfront station. There within walking distance is Universal Studios Singapore. Keep going until you see Chili’s Restaurant on your right, then turn right and follow up to the Universal Studios Globe.

Universal Studios Singapore

The park consists of seven zones. I will describe them in order from the ones we liked the most to the least interesting (this is only our point of view and, for example, for families with children the rating will be probably quite different).

Sci-Fi City

In our opinion, this is the best zone! There are several attractions, two of them is the most “adrenaline”.

Sci-Fi City Universal Studio Singapore

The first one is “Transformers” – you rush in 3D glasses through a night city, and around you,  the giant transformers are fighting. Everything is very realistic, you feel how the wind blows, and when a missile passes by, it gives off heat.The most incredible moment is when you fall from a skyscraper, and Bumblebee saves you. Finally, you are alive, incredibly happy, and the world is saved. It’s a superb attraction. We have been there 3 times and every time went out with a smile on our faces.

The second one is a roller-coaster “Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon”. There are two rides: blue and red. I read that the red is very scary but personally I was much more comfortable on it than on the blue one if it is possible to feel comfortable on a roller-coaster=)

roller coaster Universal Studio Singapore

When you ride on blue, your legs just hang out at the bottom (this way is much scarier). It accelerates very quickly, turns over and you fall down, 90 seconds of fear, and it is finished =) We have ridden there twice and for the second time sat in the first row, so is much more exciting.

Also in this area, you can take pictures with Optimus Prime or Bumblebee, they periodically appear there.

Optimus Prime in Universal Studio Singapore

New York

Here is a film set with special effects from Steven Spielberg “Lights, Camera, Action!” where you can see how the movie is made. You will see a short scene: night, New York, the hurricane begins. Then everything crashes, explodes and burns. This movie magic is definitely worthy to be seen with your own eyes!

Lights Camera Action in Universal Studio Singapore

Lost World

The main attraction of  Jurassic Park is a Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure where you raft ride on waterways near dinosaurs.

The Lost World Universal Studio Singapore

Then rapids begin and less friendly creatures appear. After it is all over, everyone comes out wet but happy. It is an attraction where raincoats and replaceable shoes (beach slippers) are recommended.

You can leave your belongings in the lockers. The machine accepts banknotes, coins, and credit cards. It is convenient.

In this area, there are other attractions such as the  Water World Show, based on the blockbuster film of the same name. Unfortunately, during our visit, the show was canceled twice because of the weather.

Ancient Egypt

Here you should visit the attraction “Revenge of the Mummy” – the roller-coaster takes you through the dark labyrinths of the Egyptian pyramids with beetles, scarabs, and a warrior mummy. Bags and other loose items are not allowed on this ride. To the left of the entrance, there are storage lockers.

There is also an attraction «Treasure Hunters» where you can drive a jeep through the deserts of Ancient Egypt (it is suitable for young children).

In addition in this location, you can take great photos near ancient pyramids and obelisks.

Ancient Egypt Universal Studio Singapore

Far Far Away

Here you can enjoy riding a roller-coaster and watch the 4D movie about the adventures of Shrek.

Far Far Away in Universal Studio Singapore


In this zone, the attractions are designed primarily for young children: the King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round carousel and other attraction where you can meet cartoon characters while sailing on a boat.

Here at the food court, we had lunch, the price of our entrance tickets included meal vouchers.


There are no attractions in this area, street shows only. We, for example, saw the dance of the break-dance team.


We heard a variety of reviews about the park, someone praises it, someone does not like it. In our opinion, it is a great place but in order to get the maximum pleasure from your visit follow some simple advice.

To ride a few times on attractions ride as a single! You will be admitted without waiting. Usually, all come for 2-3 people, and when there is a free place an employee of the park will allow somebody who is ready to go alone. We always went together the first time, then passed the queue and rode as singles on the ones we especially liked.

Use lockers for your personal belongings where it is necessary.  It will be offensive if you spend about 40 minutes in the queue and miss it because you did not leave your bags behind.

Take with you raincoats and beach slippers to be ready for water attractions.

It is better to buy a ticket to Universal Park, including a meal voucher. This is more of a budget option than paying for food in the park.

Follow the link to find detailed instructions on how to get to any point in Sentosa. Simply select the destination point and the preferred mode of transport.

Fewer people and as a consequence fewer queues in the park are on weekdays. But if you decide to go to the Island on holidays, do not miss the fireworks on Sentosa, the schedule is on the island’s website.

Have a fun! Spend your day full of entertainment in Universal Studios Singapore!

++ All prices in Singapore dollars

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