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Hello! My name is El, I come from a small provincial town of Angarsk, the existence of which you probably haven’t even know about:) It’s in Siberia; many Russian people do not know where it is, so I’m not offended.

In spite the fact the town is small and there were few entertainments, I was surrounded by an incredibly beautiful Siberian nature. Mountain rivers, Kitoy is one of them, run very close to the town; warm lakes are in half a day’s journey from Angarsk. The beautiful pine forest was right near my house (although now it has already been cut down and all space is built up, but that’s a whole other story).

When I was a little girl my parents and I often went on vacation to Lake Baikal (the most famous lake in Russia) or to Arshan (it’s the village surrounded by high mountains, where in the mountain gorge there are 12 picturesque waterfalls).

Many people dream about visiting these places and, of course, Baikal is the most popular. Nevertheless, I always craved for new impressions and eventually realized that I want to see not only this wild and beautiful nature but also other continents and countries, I want to discover the world that is much wider than the places I know.

When I finished school my parents gave me a summer trip to Europe, it was amazing! I really wanted to stay longer in each country and get to know it better. I was overwhelmed with emotions, so I realized that I have an insatiable wanderlust.

After school, I moved to Novosibirsk.  In my second year at the university I found a part-time job to earn money for the next trip. After a couple months, I got enough money to go to Thailand, it was the beginning. After that I have been to Turkey and Altai (the place in Russia with a very picturesque nature), where I met my future husband and like-minded person (Al). Together we have visited many countries: Spain, Greece, USA, Maldives and many, many others.

Why this blog?

We love to travel, we want to show from our own experience that it does not matter who you are and where you come from, you can do whatever you want! This world is incredibly beautiful and huge, and adventures await you at every turn. Here we share our impressions, emotions from trips, give practical advice on our routes.

Because we are from Russia, in our blog we will sometimes write about the most beautiful, interesting and simply different places in our vast homeland. Stay with us!

Sincerely yours, E&A

Let’s make this blog better

We are not native speakers. Therefore, we will be grateful if you write us about grammatical, lexical and any other errors that you see on this site. You can also write about topics you are most interested in!

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