Closer to nature or a trip to Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is remotely located from the main attractions, but if you like animals, then be sure to go there. We were in different zoos around the world, but it is one of the best we have seen.

How to get there?

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826.

There is no single route because it depends on the hotel where you stay.

I recommend you to use the map, which was very helpful during our trip. It will allow you to get directions and choose a convenient transport.

Also, information is on the official website of the zoo.


Buy an EZ-link card, so you can save money using transport.

Cards are sold in the windows at the MRT station (you can buy it at the airport). It costs 5 dollars (card cost) + 10 dollars minimum for credit to the card. Leaving the city you can return the card in the metro and get the remaining balance back.

Inhabitants of Singapore Zoo

The main feature of this zoo is that there are no cages for animals, at all. You can watch the animals from a safe distance and from different angles. For this reason, sometimes there is a feeling that you are wandering around the jungle.

Here you can see polar bears, cute slumbering koalas on eucalyptus trees.

cute coala in singapore zoo

Watch the fun of the monkeys. We were lucky to catch a moment when they taking turns, jumped into the water, doing a flip.

monkeys singapore zoo monkey singapore zoo

Here you can also find hippos and view them from different angles (from above and below).

hippo in the water singapore zoo hippo in singapore zoo

White tigers are awesome! They lie imposingly or play in the water, collecting a crowd of visitors around them.

white tigers in singapore zoo white tigers playing in singapore zoo

The territory of the zoo is huge, so I recommend you use trams, which go often enough.

tram in singapore zoo

Animals here feel totally fine, for example, the lemurs sleep quietly on the branches, paying no attention to tourists.

lemurs sleeping in singapore zoo lemurs in singapore zoo

Bats hang on trees right around the path you follow. They are not scary at all.

From giraffes and rhinoceroses, you are separated only by a wooden fence.

giraffes in singapore zoo 

rhinoceroses in singapore zoo

Also, a huge turtle lives there.

turtle in singapore zoo

We spent about 20 minutes near otters, in my opinion, they can be watched endlessly, they frolic in the water, play with each other and seem very friendly.

The zoo even has a garden where you can see how different fruits, vegetables, and herbs grow.

pineapple grow in singapore zoo

Everyone here can find the interesting animals; I have not listed all the inhabitants of the zoo. You can see all of them on the map, it is on the official website.

Feeding sessions

There are daily feeding sessions in the zoo. Уou can feed the giraffes, rhinoceroses, elephants, monkeys or even tigers. See the schedule on the site of the zoo.

Come early if you want a chance to feed the animals because the staff limits an amount of food to avoid overfeeding. All food should be bought on the spot, you can not carry anything with you.

After the feeding sessions, you can take pictures with animals. For example, with orangutans. You just sit with them on the bench and enjoy the company.

orangutans in singapore zoo


In addition to feeding sessions, there are shows with animals. Usually, every show is held twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. We were on the following:

  • Splash Safari Show – the show, where you can see the charming seal.

At the end of the show, you will see a big splashy goodbye wave of this funny animal.

  • Rainforest Fights Back Show- the show, which will help you learn more about the wildlife of the rainforest, you will see snakes, lemurs and monkeys.

Rainforest Fights Back Show Rainforest Fights Back Show

  •  Elephants at Work and Play Show – our favorite show, where you can see how elephants get food, dress up and even make a propeller from the trunk. In the end, you can feed them and take pictures.

Elephants at Work and Play Show Elephants at Work and Play Show

There is also Animal Friends Show (here you can watch the pets), but we did not go for it because this show is more suitable for visiting with children.

All the shows go in different places, so if you do not want to miss them, be sure to look at the schedule and the place where the shows are held on the site of the zoo. Arrive at least 15 minutes before each show begins to get yourself a good seat.

In general, we had very pleasant impressions of visiting the Singapore Zoo, because the animals here feel great, they play, relax, walk in their huge territory. It seems that they are in a wild natural environment and you are with them. It’s an amazing feeling!

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