Fantastic Place For Snorkeling, Island Biyadhoo

If you are tired of gray routine days, it’s time for a change and bright colors. Maldives is a place with an abundance of blue sea, azure sky, white sand and green palms. And there is a lot of sea life. One of our favorite places for snorkeling in Maldives is the island Biyadhoo.

You can see there an octopus hiding in rocky reefs, a moray, a parrot fish and huge schools of glittering fish, turtle or reef sharks.


baby shark

In addition to snorkeling, there are many interesting activities on the island. For example, you can have a great time swinging in very comfortable hammocks, meeting the sunset on the beach and watching herons prey on a fry.

heron Maldives

In our article you will find a lot of helpful tips, information about dangerous currents and will know, where is the best place for snorkeling on the island!

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