Great Britain, Seven Sisters Country Park or at the edge of the world

Great Britain is not only London with its famous red buses, telephone boxes and Big Ben, not only Stone Henge but also endless green meadows, the sound of waves and outstanding chalk cliffs. Where can you find all this not far from London? You should head to Seven Sisters Country Park, which is situated in the southeast of  England at Exceat, near Seaford, East Sussex.

Our trip to the park started from the Victoria Coach Station where we took the bus to Brighton Bus Station.

Practical information

From London to Brighton you can get in many other ways:

  • by train from London Victoria or London Bridge stations (the journey time is about 1 hour), arriving at Brighton Railway Station. The address of the route end point: Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3WA, United Kingdom;
  • by bus from Victoria Coach Station; the journey time is about 2 hours. The main operator of the intercity bus communication in Brighton is National Express. You can find fares and timetables on their website at The address of the route end point (Brighton bus station): Pool Valley Coach Station, 11-12 Pool Valley, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1NJ, United Kingdom.

We chose the second option due to the cheaper ticket price, the travel time was not the determining factor for us. The main bus station of Brighton is located in the city centre, not far from the pier, what was very convenient for us.

First of all, we decided to look at the surroundings and went to the pier. Despite the small wind, the day was sunny; many gulls flew in the pier area.

gulls flew in the pier area

The whole coast was covered with pebbles.

travel to Brighton visiting Brighton

Here is the English Channel, dividing Britain and France. Some beach lovers come here for summer holidays, but in May the water is still icy like in our Siberian mountain rivers. Frankly speaking, I think in these places the water does not warm up even in August.

Nevertheless, we have a good time sitting on the pier and listening to the sound of waves. You can also ride on the Ferris wheel nearby (it is certainly less than in London but tickets are much cheaper).

When we had a rest and looked around a bit we went to ask the passersby about the bus 13X and found a bus stop nearby. Its route goes along the coast directly to the park.

Practical information

Bus 13X is the most convenient way to get to the park; it goes every hour but only on Sundays. If you plan to use it, I recommend buying a day ticket allowing you to get on/off the bus at any stop and walk along the Cape.On other days you can take bus 12 or 12X, but they stop further, and it is a longer walk to the park. To find a bus stop or timetable you can use the site, choose “Plan a journey”; select place of departure and arrival (for example, from Brighton bus station to Beachy Head).

On the way to the park, you can see the beauty of Great Britain: sheep, grazing on the vast green meadows,

watch sheep in Great Britain

a river, crossing the valley,

river, crossing the valley in Great Britain

ancient buildings and many other beautiful landscapes.

ancient buildings of Great Britain

We were in the park in the beginning of May, and despite the good weather, there was a strong wind. So strong that you could tip yourself back (like you lay on the wind:)) and not fall. It was amazing!

about seven sisters country park

We went from the bus stop towards Beachy Head. It is the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, it rises 162 meters (530 feet) above the sea below.  In the Middle Ages, it was called Beau chef or Beau chief, in French – “beautiful cape”. Over time the name was transformed into “Beachy Head”.

Beachy Head

This place is also called the Cape of suicides but, in my opinion, when you see such incredible beauty, on the contrary, you want to live! I came to this park because I occasionally found this picture the Beachy Head on the Internet and realized that I want to see it with my own eyes.

stunning view of Beachy Head

The views are stunning. You can sit and endlessly admire the lighthouse and the restless sea around or walked along the edge of the cliff. Ahead there is a green meadow, on the side, there is endless sea and between them – a snowy border of the cliff.

visiting seven sisters country park

During the walk one of us lost a hat as it was blown right off the head, can you imagine that? Attempts to catch it up were unsuccessful.

But when you look at the giant cliffs, that formed about 100 million years ago, all the problems lose their meaning. People, who stroll through the park, are simply lost in this vast territory.

A few kilometres northwest of the Beachy Head the chalk cliffs change their level, forming a curved line, some series of rises and falls in the shoreline. This place was called “Seven Sisters”. Because of high humidity, our camera has failed, so I have supplied a photo from the Internet.

seven sisters park how to get there

We walked as much as we could to be in London on the same evening. I advise you to devote to this park at least a few days.

When we returned to Brighton, the sun was setting. Occasionally (in search of a place to eat) we found an absolutely fabulous building like the house of some eastern sultan.

highlights os brighton

It turned out that it was the old seaside residence of the kings of Great Britain (Royal Pavilion). It was built for the Prince of Wales, the future King George IV.

We didn’t plan long walks through Brighton so we were pleasantly surprised by such an architectural find. In my experience, when you just walk around a city and want to understand it, to feel its atmosphere (without the purpose of finding sights), it opens up to you in a new way and brings pleasant surprises. So it happened this time.

Summarizing this little adventure, Brighton is a pleasant seaside town (although we didn’t spend much time there) and the Seven Sisters Park is a breathtaking place, where freedom lives. Here you feel like you at the edge of the world!

We recommend you to visit it!

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