“Siberian cherry blossom” or trip to the Kamyshlinsky Falls, Altai, Russia

In Novosibirsk (Russia) when we have a short vacation, we sometimes go to the Altai, breathe the air and enjoy nature.

Altai (Altai Territory, Altai Republic) is a complex territorial formation in Russia that absorbed the western regions of the Altai-Sayan Mountains and the southern regions of the West Siberian Plain.

We really like Altai, because it is a truly unique place. One day you can walk along the Siberian coniferous forest (taiga), admire the endless expanses of alpine meadows, breathe the cleanest air at the foot of the snow-capped mountains or fry the meat on the river bank.

trip to altai mountains russia

At this time (late April-early May) Altai is especially beautiful, because of the blooming of the “Siberian cherry”, called the maralnik.

Maralnik is a shrub with lilac flowers growing alongside the undergrowth of coniferous forests, along mountain slopes, rocks.

Local people believe that if this shrub has blossomed, then spring has finally entered into its rightful stage.

In the Altai, there are a lot of  Maralnik in the Maiminsky and Chemalsky districts. We went to Maiminsky district, where, in addition to the flowering of the maralnik, many other sights are to be seen.

One of them is the Kamyshlinsky Falls.

The Kamyshlinsky Falls

On the way to the waterfall from our rented house along the road on the slopes of the mountains, we constantly came across bushes of the maralnik, in some places, there was so much of them. It was as if someone carefully covered the mountains with a lilac coverlet. Given that in the evenings it is still chilly (at night in the heated house, we even slept in huts and hid our noses under the blanket), I hope this coverlet warms these places: ) Anyway, it is an insanely beautiful sight that attracts many guests to these lands.

We went to the waterfall through the tourist complex “Tsarskaya Ohota” where you can look at Altai Ayles (Ail is a traditional house of peoples inhabiting Altai), go to a zoo with a bear, watch carps swimming in a pond and climb in an extreme park. Entrance fee is about 100 RUB.

After looking around the tourist complex we went through a suspension pedestrian bridge to the waterfall.

The bridge is very picturesque with excellent views of Katun river, which at this time of the year is at a very high level.

Altai bridge Russia

From the bridge to the waterfall it is a fairly wide road (it is almost impossible to get lost), the forest protects you from the sun, so the journey time is not noticeable. The road to the waterfall took us about an hour.

First, we heard the sound of water and realized that the waterfall was already close, and then we saw it.

The Kamyshlinsky Falls Altai

The Kamyshlinsky Falls Altai

The height of the waterfall is small, only 12 meters, but it is wide and stormy. You can admire it for a long time, especially on sunny days, there is some kind of special energy that is difficult to convey with photographs.

If you want, you can climb higher and look at the waterfall from above, which is what we did. This way it is easier to extract yourself from people and enjoy the unity with nature.

Passage to the waterfall also comes with a fee (about 50 RUB). The money mainly goes to the maintenance of the territory.


If you decide to make a trip and see the wild nature of Russia, particularly Altai, do not forget warm clothes and comfortable shoes. The weather is variable. A hat and warm socks will not be superfluous.

I advise you to collect natural drinking water along the road to the waterfall in the healing spring of Arzhan-Suu.

Arzhan Suu Altai

The spring is located to the left of the road in 8 kilometers from the village of Manzherok. Near it, along the road, there is a local market with Altai souvenirs, where you can buy products from wood, birch bark and stone, national clothes and many other things.

I recommend you to buy there and try Altai honey and jam from cones, it is very unusual but tasty!

How to get there?

All roads to the Altai go through the town of Biysk (the distance from Novosibirsk to Biysk is about 350 km, 6-7 hours on the way), so the description will be from this town.

The route is: Biysk → Srostki → Maima → Manzherok → Ust-Muna → Kamyshlinsky Falls.

Distance from Biysk is about 149 km, 3 km of which you will have to walk.

A trail to the waterfall leads from the pedestrian suspension bridge across the Katun river from the tourist complex “Tsarskaya Ohota” 1.5 km downstream. It can also be accessed from the bridge across Katun in the village of Ust-Sema but the road will take more time.

GPS coordinates: 51.669873, 85.756143

You can get there by yourself in a rented car or use the services of any travel agency in Novosibirsk, Barnaul or any agency in Altai.


You can stay in Altai in rented houses (the most popular and cheapest option, about 500-1000 RUB per person per night) or in hotels (1000 per night and more). We have stayed in different places depending on our route. In the popular
tourist places of Altai, there is no problem finding accommodation, along with the river bank there are a lot of tourist complexes, you can choose any you like (as a rule in the spring in each of them there is the empty place).

rented house altai

Just do not forget if you decide to stay in a house, then make sure that it is heated. Because at this time (late April-early May) in the Altai it is very cold at night.

The trip to the waterfall is kind of a little adventure. It’s a great way to spend a weekend outdoors if you live in Russia or one more place to visit if you travel through our country.

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