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Magic Island, Day 8 -National Park Snaefellsjoekull (stone troll, killer whales, seals) and a little about Reykjavik

The final day of our trip in the national park Snaefellsjoekull, where you can see volcanoes, lava fields, killer whales, seals and even a stone troll. Also a bit about the main sights of the capital.

скала "Слон" (Hvítserkur)

Magic Island, Day 7 – Miracles of architecture or the Icelandic churches, the elephant-rock and seals

Day on the road along the coast, an elephant-rock and looking for seals on the Vatnsnes peninsula, the famous Kirkjufell rock. And a little about the wonders of Icelandic architecture and the pool in Hofsos.

корабль хусавик

Magic Island, Day 6 – Puffins and whales in Husavik and highlights of the Lake Myvatn

Iceland is not only breathtaking views, but also whales, dolphins, puffuns and even rabbits, did not expect, right?)) Where to find them and what to do nearby the Lake Myvatn, read in our new post.

Термальное поле Хверир (Hverir)

Magic Island, Day 5 – Welcome to Mars (surroundings of the Lake Myvatn and Detifoss waterfall)

How in a one day to see 3 waterfalls, including the famous Detifoss, and move to somewhere on another planet? Read about taking a stroll through the thermal fields of Leirhnjúkur and Hverir, go around the crater Viti, and a little more about an amazing place to stay in the area of Lake Myvatn.